Monday, November 9, 2009's Allegations of Vaccines Containing XMRV Laughable.

While doing some research, I came across a site called, which makes claims that vaccines that are developed to protect us are contaminated with retroviruses.  The author of this website is unknown, as all domain information has been registered privately - but the article is signed by this Dawn Crim.  I could see why she? would not want her information known - some of the information contained in her blog is just laughable!  The allegations sound like this person blames vaccines for allergies, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Lyme Disease, and her very own problems with fatigue.

First of all, any pharmaceutical company would do their due diligence, as they have their reputations to protect.  Second, the possibility of secondary retrovirus contamination nowadays is extremely remote - even with live attenuated vaccines, as they use multi-stage molecular sieves to screen out any contaminants, and most vaccines only contain parts of the virus - usually highly purified antigenic peptides.  Third, the claim that Squalene is carcinogenic is absolute hogwash!  Squalene is a natural oil-like substance that is found in copious amounts in shark liver oil, olives, wheat germ, rice bran, and amaranth seed - things that are found in abundance at your local health food store!  And on other ingredients in vaccines - would you drink water if someone told you it was toxic, Mrs. Crim?  The fact is everything is toxic in large enough amounts - just like the amount of mercury contained in a vaccine preparation is less than what is found in a tuna sandwich.  And no pharmaceutical company would conspire to deliberately mass poison a population through a vaccine - someone would blow the whistle, and company executives would face decades long prison terms, and the whistleblower would get millions for doing the right thing!

It sounds like the author of this article can add one more affliction to problems faced by herself and her family: Paranoid Schizophrenia. sounds more like a collaboration of patients in a state mental hospital working on a project to pass the time.  I hear it gets awfully boring and lonely in the Loonie Bin.


  1. Where do you get your information!?

    This is just a brief snapshot of information to counter the bilge of ignorance contained on this blog.

    We don't inject ourselves with Tuna Sandwiches either.

    As far as retroviruses in vaccines, it is simply childs play to validate this on the CDC, FDA, NIH websites by investigating SV40 and Polio.

    You being a 'doctor' and spewing this information is ignornant at best, criminal at worst. No worries, this information has been captured and will be archived.
    GAO report of Squalene antibodies in Veterans
    The allergy antibody (IgE) made by your immune system is produced in response to your exposure to substances we refer to as ALLERGENS. Allergens are usually environmentally stable foreign substances like pollen proteins that may induce unfortunate allergy immune reactions in predisposed individuals.

    IMMUNOLOGICAL ADJUVANTS AND VACCINES” edited by Gregory Gregoriadis, Anthony C. Allison and George Poste, NATO ASI Series, Series A: Life Sciences Vol. 179, (ISBN 0-306-43386-9), 1989, Plenum Press, New York.

    On page 37 of this NATO book, it states that studies demonstrate that “aluminum causes stimulation of the production of anaphylactic antibody (IgE) in the mouse”, and that “the effect of aluminum on the IgE response in humans does not appear to have been investigated”.

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group, 2003

    pg 72 - "Most frequently the immunoglobulin involved is IgE. This reaction occurs in a very short period of time after eating the offending food, and is called an immediate reaction. Other reactions can involve IgG, IgM, IgA, and S-IgA. These can occur at a later time and are called delayed reactions."

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group, 2003

    pg 14:

    "In 1839, the French physiologist Francois Magendie (1783-1855), while investigating the effects of substances on living organisms, created allergylike symptoms in animals, and found that animals sensitized to egg white by injection died after a subsequent injection."

    "In 1901, French scientist Charles Richet (1850-1935) coined the word anaphylaxis to designate the sensitivity developed by an organism after being given an injection of protein or toxin."

    pg 16:

    "Working in Germany in the early part of the twentieth century, Prausnitz and an associate - experimented on themselves, and through injections, developed severe asthma and hives."

    Allergy 1978 Jun:33(3):155-9 Aluminum phosphate but not calcium phosphate stimulates the specific IgE response in guinea pigs to tetanus toxoid. It is hypothesized that the regular application of aluminum compound-containing vaccines on the entire population could be one of the factors leading to the observed increase of allergic diseases. PMID 707792

  2. Madam,

    I look at the site from time to time which I presume is yours, and find it somewhat entertaining that they take a piece of research, and make up far fetched stories - something that would be fit for publication in the National Enquirer. Perhaps written by a clever vitriolic fool, bitter because they were laid off from their position at the National Enquirer, or because they were rejected as a hollywood script writer. Many of these studies are either old, have been retracted, or other groups have been unable to reproduce the results.

  3. This blog post is quite funny. For someone who claims to have worked for the CDC, it is quite shocking that they are not even aware that the World Health Organization actually allows a certain percentage of vaccine contaminants to be present in each vial. How could one not know this if they claim to be so thoroughly educated on the matter?

  4. Dr. Timothy Luckett, you should suggest to your sister that she be tested by a Lyme specialist for Lyme Disease (the Western Blot test is NOT recommended by the CDC). People diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are usually suffering from not only multiple retroviral infections, but Lyme Disease as well. Autism/ADD/ADHD is usually seen in their offspring more often than not. Children are born with low muscle tone and react negatively to vaccination too. Why? The undiagnosed chronic infections have altered their metabolic function and left them more sensitive to certain foods and environmental toxins, such as are in vaccines.

  5. Humans will go to any extreme when there are millions of dollars to be made slowly poisoning generations of people. As for whistleblowers - they just get murdered.