Saturday, November 7, 2009

Should You Get Tested For XMRV Now?

The XMRV test offered by VIP Diagnostics is basically a second generation test - the one where the Whittemore Peterson Institute announced that almost all ME/CFS patients were positive for XMRV, compared to the test at press time where only 67% tested positive.  The test is by no means perfect, and it is not yet clinically validated.  For persons who have severe disability, it's better than what they had before.  It's pretty impressive to go from 67% accuracy to 97% in such a short period of time - it is more accurate than current tests for lyme disease.

It takes a considerable amount of research to refine testing methods, some of which involves making DNA primers with higher stringency.  It also involves standardizing the test amoung several research institutions.  Blood banks will usually want a clinically validated test.  If you get tested today, there is still a small chance the test may not detect anything.  If you are willing to part with you money, it may provide some answers, however it might be better to wait until a clinically validated test is available.


  1. Dear Dr Luckett,

    I am working with a lab in London and VIP in Reno to try and get some private testing for patients in the UK. Obviously NHS testing would be ideal but we have no idea when it will be available to us.

    If anyone would like some more information they are welcome to email me at

    I would ask that if they are not familiar with the VIP tests that they read about this before they contact me as I am pretty frail right now.

    I'm just an ordinary ME patient in London.

    Kind regards,
    Annette Barclay

  2. Sorry that should have been

    (the joys of having a ME brain)