Friday, November 27, 2009

Vactruth strikes again - with even more defamatory information!

It is a site with slick graphics, designed to get you to believe their propaganda.  This week, Vactruth takes another stab at vaccines claiming that Chronic Fatigue is the result of a mouse virus contaminating vaccine reagents.  How can anybody invent this kind of psychotic diatribe "Well heres where the 'oops' comes in.  Every HIV-1 lab in the country uses TZM-bi cells for something.  All from the same stock from the NIH reagent bank.  Turns out this stock has been contaminated with another retrovirus - murine leukemia virus."
Whoever runs this site, thank you for your continued foolishness, dangerously misinforming the public - when you can't even spell here's properly, do you deserve to be believed?  They even make accusations against Glaxo Smith Kline for producing a deadly vaccine - three adverse reactions among 170,000 doses is not a lot - at least 250 people would have died from influenza complications had they not been vaccinated.  Far more people will get Guillian-Barre syndrome from contracting the flu, than getting the vaccine.

A site like Vactruth sickens me - and they hide their domain registration information and contact information - telling me a lot about their credibility.  If anybody knows who runs this site, please let me know, as I would like to have a few kind words with them about the defamatory libel they falsely and maliciously spread, in hopes you will not get vaccinated, and infect someone else.

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  1. With such people there is the old problem of answering a fool, in this case a vitriolic and somewhat clever fool. It's like one person attempting to play chess while the other party is launching the pieces via slingshot. Best to deal with them briefly, and wash your hands.