Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it time for CFS/FM/Gulf War Syndrome patients to wage a legal battle?

The cat is out of the bag: it can be said with reasonable certainty that XMRV is the single agent that sets the wheel in motion for the immune disturbances associated with XMRV.  According to a CDC insider which I have spoken to, the CDC long knew back in the late 1980's that a single viral agent would be capable of causing the perturberences seen in ME/CFS.  I've also heard from a patient in Toronto, Ontario who developed CFS 3 months after receiving a blood transfusion after a motor vehicle accident in 1994 - it's more than a co-incidence.  More information keeps surfacing each and every day about the CDC hanky-panky.

For patients, there is enough there to start looking at litigation against the CDC and other parties.  This would not come at a small price - going against the CDC would require hiring a law firm that specializes in high stakes litigation.  The CDC would not be the only defendant - the Social Security Administration and the American Red Cross likely share some liability.  How much is at stake - Billions.  Each CFS/ME/FM/Gulf War Syndrome patient costs $35,000 a year in lost productivity - that's $595 Billion!  It's also $595 Billion that the Social Security Administration does not have to pay out in disability costs, HMO's and PPO's don't have to pay in drug treatments, and that pension plans don't have to pay out!

Such a lawsuit is perhaps what is needed to "Stimulate" the CDC into recognizing that these disease have an infectious etiology, that they are not some idiopathic fire of unknown origin like they want us lemmings to believe.  They will be forced to admit that CFS/ME/FM/Gulf War Syndrome is another acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and that they've been covering up this silent pandemic for just too long.  Likely if a judgment was won, it would be an egg in the face of the CDC, but they would exhaust all appeals.  Likely other lawsuits would follow in other countries.  Perhaps even a movie by the name of Osler's Web, done with an A list director and Cast might embarrass the CDC enough to change  their ways.


  1. I think you may be jumping the gun a little bit. We don't know that XMRV causes ME/CFS. More research needs to be done first. And you can't build a strong legal case without conclusive proof.

  2. Not really. There is already a pretty strong case that the CDC diverted funds from ME/CFS research to other projects - that in itself means that if these funds would have been used properly, maybe XMRV would have been isolated 18 years ago, and a causal link proven, and patients would have access to truly effective treatments.

  3. That's a big maybe. It assumes that XMRV is the cause. And apparently it was discovered in 1985 to be linked to CFS, but that research was all but squashed, and not just by the CDC.

  4. "not just by cdc" .. and this makes cdc innocent or y u said that ?

    and he said what he said assuming xmrv is the cause already ..

    "More research needs to be done first. "
    u cant wait to see this or just the opposite ? what is ur motivation of ur post ?

  5. and one more thing to add .. u shouldnt use ur pic at ur posts .. we r already having bad time ..