Monday, January 17, 2011

British Negative Studies are Scientific Fraud

What hinders good research?  Ego.  Period.  Simon Wessely is a good example.  He has a belief - that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a neuropsychiatric condition.  So why would he want to try and replicate the XMRV findings then - Ego. To reinforce his beliefs.  How do you do this - answer: pervert the results.  How do you pervert scientific findings - answer: break the rules that in order for a scientific study to be valid, you have to copy exactly.  So he obtained negative results, further reinforcing his beliefs that CFS is not infectious.

But why the motive?  In countries like the UK, much of the research is government funded, and the National Institute For Clinical Excellence (NICE) has a lot of control over what research goes on.  In recent years, budgets have become increasingly constrained.  In one of my previous posts, I mentioned about some findings on CFS that were suppressed - I directly challenge any UK bureaucrat who has access to any of these to post them on WIKILEAKS.  Currently, the UK health care system has become increasingly under strain from high drug costs for biologics to treat anything from cancers, to psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, and Psoriasis.  For them, treating CFS would mean another huge cost factor to expand coverage of HIV drugs to CFS patients, as well as perhaps Rituximab.  As long as the neuropsychiatric psychobabble can drown out the voices of good science, it is a cost they do not have to face.


  1. As a Canadian, for years I have observed how the British have had a man like Wessely in his position and the hidden ME files locked up etc.. A few years ago your Prime Minister made a verbal apology for the orphaned children it sent to Canada. I do believe that the day will come when such an apology will be necessary for the millions of sufferers of cfs/me that your Government turned its back on.

  2. You are a good man for standing up and saying these things Dr. Luckett. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people in your profession,with the same ethical principles and plain courage, who are prepared to do the same.

    British people used to have a repuation for being forthright and courageous in the face of such blatant unfairness. However, we appear to have become a bunch of pathetic, weak kneed, politically correct, tabloid junkies.

  3. Thank you for your efforts Dr. Luckett. It's great to see someone over in the UK standing up to Simon Wessely. I find it remarkable that man has so much power and influence. I hope that his days of influence are waning.

  4. Just remember that 'truth will out'. Sometimes it may take a while but in the end there is no escaping the truth. Wessely and his comrades will soon have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.When the truth does emerge, they won't apologise, they will scurry off into another avenue of 'psychiatric research' and continue pontificating about some other unfortunate people, whilst continuing to line their own wealthy pockets.
    When the truth does come (and IT WILL), these people should be forced to make public apologies and should never be employed again - who would possibly employ someone who had displayed such professional incompetence eh? Probably the British Government (ha,ha).
    Anyway, I'm XMRV+ and have M.E. However, I've come to the conclusion that I'd still rather be me than be someone like Wessely et al. After all, there is hopefully going to be a treatment and even one day a cure for people like us but not for the likes of Wessely and friends, oh no!! They shall forever remain ignoramuses, full of their own self-importance and ideas, to the exclusion of all others. Believing themselves to be correct, when literally millions of patients are telling them otherwise. What arrogance and outright stupidity. Yeah, I'd rather be me (suffering and all) than one of them anyday!! They need to analyse themselves and take a good long hard look in the mirror, then zip themselves into a straight-jacket quick smartish and admit themselves to the nearest psychiatric unit because they are a 'danger to public health and safety'. Ain't it the TRUTH!!

  5. anyone got any ideas as to what we can do about him?

  6. With the honest title "British Negative Studies are Scientific Fraud" and your exceptionally courageous comment "I directly challenge any UK bureaucrat who has access to any of these to post them on WIKILEAKS." this is an article written by the most truthful doctor ever to talk about the disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

    I hope someone out there will hear you and know in their heart that these documents must see the light, and I hope someone with a heart like yours hires you, we need more researchers and physicians with their brains switched on.

    Thanks and good luck Dr Luckett!

  7. As for Wessely, someone needs to complain to the GMC, it is this doctor who is a danger to patients and who is responsible for the coverup of ME that has also resulted in many patients dieing from medical neglect!

    It was a grave misjustice that the good Dr Myhill was hauled to a Fitness to Practice Hearing and suffered the loss of her licence to practice and her livelihood while a real killer has been left in positions of authority over the deliberate neglect of patients.

    Any courageous doctors/public figures out there who know what a menace Wessely is? Please act together to help us and report the dishonorable Wessely to the GMC.

  8. I too endorse the hope that someone with a conscience and with a whistle-blowing mentality will leak the secret files. How on earth can it be justified to have *any* secret file about an illness?!
    I know the excuse is to protect individual privacy within those documents, but this is disingenuous on the basis that:

    a) they could eaily be redacted and/or the permission of those patients obtained (my betting would be they would be happy for information which led to a better understanding of the ilness be made public) ...and

    b) they have alreday happily exposed one patient's details, including I believe his ex- directory telephone number, without any concern at all.

    The cynic inside me says that they are hiding rather more than that!.

    I also agree that is way overtime for Wessley and his cronies to be held responsible for their actions via a complaint to the GMC.

  9. It is not just cost that is behind the covering up and murkying of the truth, it is Wessley's reputation. He and his ilk are no doubt very afraid of a viral mechanism being proven beyond doubt as it would mean his farcical reputation as the UK's expert on ME would be smashed to smithereens and he would have to face up all the harm he has caused (at least one presumes so).

    @Anon at 9.44, we have all, patients and some brave doctors, been standing up to Wessely for many years, but he has impenetrable armour of the MRC and NICE & BMJ and whatever old boys' networks are going, to protect him, so I doubt the GMC would take a complaint about him seriously. Professor Malcom Hooper's magnificent report on the flawed PACE trials: Magical Medicine: How to Make a Disease Disappear was blatantly ignored by MRC.

    I remain openminded about XMRV, I am cautious and refuse to get caught up in the sometimes religious-like fervour, but I am just v. happy that WPI are doing robust, biomedical research. They will either prove that XMRV is the culprit, or move onto some other avenue. While in UK we have the good doctors chanting CBT and GET over and over again as if they are in some kind of cult, dangerously oblivious to the money wasted on such research.

    I have also thought it would be a huge coup if the secret files found their way to Wikileaks.

    Yes, in the end truth will out, science will prevail. It has to, though that is little consolation, the corruption has gone on too long. (I have been ill since 1983, after Coxsackie B4 virus.)

  10. I haven't read about what people think is in the file but I would guess it could indirectly explain the cause of some cases of cfs and that would be so morally wrong to withhold, even if they could claim it affected another Government. I would also guess that it is a question of liability. But the liability is only increasing because the retrovirus is obviously passing on to future generations. Something tells me this file is not going to stay hidden 83 years. I think the Government should take its lumps up front and get on with the truth. All this lying and deceitfulness of government hiding behind Wessely is shameful!!

  11. It's not so much a State Secret when we can take some educated guesses as to what may be in a locked document. But, we do need to know exactly what they are hiding so that it is out in the light of day, can be dealt with, and those involved (Weasel, white, sharpe, et al) and the US morons (Reeves, et al) can be dealt with by the law. I do think that at some point this 83 year locked down document will be opened, sooner rather than later. Many of us have requested access to that document. Many of the UK folks have requested that their Parliament Reps also request/demand access to that document. I would bet that soon enough we will find out just what is in that document and some of the dirty laundry that the sociopaths in the UK and US have hidden away from us sick - and the rest of the world's healthy (healthy, thus far).
    I and my husband both requested access to that document and got the standard stupid reply - as expected. But I wanted them to know that we are all watching and aware. And we are...

    Let's PUSH in many directions to get the Archives opened for the public.

    SarahMcG -

  12. I just heard a businessman talk on television about what it is like to do business in Russia. He said it is so difficult because the government and the criminal are in the same person. You could even lose your life trying to deal with them. It is a waste of time to try to expose the scandal and corruption because they will just say that it is a threat to national security to prevent exposing the corruption. The Russian Government refused medical attention to his colleague every step of the way. People understand that there is a good chance that whatever rights you think you own you're not going to own because someone is going to steal them from you. You can't make predictable decisions because there doesn't seem to be an independent judge. There is no rule of law. International pressure doesn't seem to have an effect. The businessman concluded that only through other governments imposing sanctions to the individual could they make them understand there was a consequence to the individual. It reminded me of CFS/ME patients trying to deal with their governments in the past 30 years was like doing business in Russia. The government programs that are supposed to look after the interests of cfs/me patients seem to be run by criminal clans each running their own scam the way it's done in Russia.

  13. Wessely and the other psychobabblers are all tools of UNUM, the bandit disability insurance company giant that operates in the US & UK. It also "advises" DWP (Dept of Works and Pensions) on how to "limit liability" - newspeak for "deny claims". It has been doing this at least since 2007. Unum has a "5-year plan", end goal 2012, to "re-educate" doctors who do not toe the line in UK and issue opinions in favor of claimants. In the US, they have a similar plan to coerce doctors into dropping patients who have disablity claims won or pending. See my blog:

    Be sure to read comments, which includes a transcript of a BBC broadcast about Unum.

    I am still finding info about Unum, in the US and UK, and I believe they may be responsible for the denialism on both continents. (I think of UK as part of Europe :-) ) I will be writing another blog on Unum.

  14. Simon Wessely has taken advantage of the UK government's decision to "quantify" research excellence with the citation index. The more papers you write and the more you are cited, the better you are at science, apparently. This drives the quantity up and the quality down.

    Simon Wessely can play this game - he invents a simple (and flawed) theory and goes about applying it to different conditions ad infinitum. His papers are easy to write, as little proof is needed in order to state a theory. No wonder then that he has been able to publish 550. Soon other psychiatrists realise they can do the same, and they play the game too - helping each other out by endlessly citing each other's research. They climb up the academic strata, becoming professors and employing junior researchers in this bogus field. Thus the positive feedback loop is established and fraudulent science "appears" as a credible subject.

    Science will prevail? Science can prevail, but "science" is no longer what is being practised in our research institutions.

    More here:

  15. let the 'weasle' drink a glass of my blood then we will know if it is infectious or not...the man is a danger to society...he is under a police investigation and it will not be long before he is given a long sentence...once he is in jail his name will be changed to 'sue'...

  16. I've been treating ME for 23 years with chinese herbal medicine in Los Angeles and over those years my understanding of the mechanics have evolved from Epstein Barr virus to a much more complex situation.
    I agree completeley with: "CFS - The Central Cause: Mitochondrial Failure ... -" which proposes a defect in optimal mitochondrial function.
    I also agree completely with "Surviving Mold" chapter 17 by Dr Ritchie Shoemaker that ME is often linked to toxic mold exposure.
    Mycotoxins and mold spores in the lungs can cause pronounced fatigue by disrupting mitochondrial function. Mold toxins can disrupt neurotransmitters in the frontal cortex resulting in mental confusion, depression and poor concentration
    The mycotoxins from mold exposure can also suppress natural killer cells which can trigger EBV flare ups. Epstein Barr virus can also directly deplete the mitochondria and disrupt neurotransmitters in the frontal cortex.
    The first step is to remove yourself from mold exposure. Second is to avoid all milk products 100%. Third is to find someone with sufficient skill to help you with herbal medicine.