Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whittemore Peterson Institute Releases Official Statement on UK Study

The Whittemore Peterson Institute has released an official statement regarding the recent UK XMRV study.  The position of the institute is that it basically discredits the validity of the study in whole, stating it does not even qualify as a replication study.  The Whittemore Peterson Institute states that they are actively collaborating with other research groups around the world, and as well Judy Mikovits stated in a New Zealand Herald article that blood their group tested from the UK showed very similar percentages of XMRV infection in London patients as in their published study!  Much like when Robert Gallo and Luc Montaigner discovered the HIV virus, other groups initially disputed their findings because they did not use the exact same methodology in their replication studies!


  1. Can we get to the "guts" of the likely differences in methodology? :)

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  3. Hello,
    I noticed you are interested in XMRV research. I got a posting for a post-doc at NCI working with Dr. Sandra Ruscetti. If you want me to send you the posting let me know.
    Ramon Mendoza, Ph.D
    Clincial Research Division
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  4. Have you heard of Lj001? It destroys the lipid envelope around viruses. The virus then falls apart. It should be effective against ; HIV, Ebola, pox viruses,influenza A , Rift Valley Fever, our own XMRV and I'm sure many others. Way to go researchers!

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  6. You haven't posted in a long time. I would be curious what you think of some of the latest developments. I hope that hope is still alive. :)

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