Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Research Must be Pursued to The End.

One of my research interests currently is the isolation, characterization, and study of human retroviruses in disease.  The discovery of XMRV in CFS/ME represents just a small step.  Sufferers of neuroimmune diseases have been searching for answers for decades - without any explanation.  While it is still too early to tell if the results of the Whittemore Peterson institute will be replicated, it is the objective of most groups working in good faith towards this goal to do so.  If consistent results are reported on a worldwide basis, it's a huge victory.  Even if we see results which show a regional consistency - it still means something, and we have to keep looking further - hence a possible explanation for the difference in the findings of DeFreitas.

In such a case, I entertain the possibility that there maybe a handful of related retroviruses capable of inciting symptoms of ME/CFS, much like there are many viruses capable of producing cold like symptoms.  This is a research proposal that I have put forth to a group of academic institutions here in the UK, and I hope to have an answer soon.  At the least, I would not be surprised to identify multiple strains of XMRV on a regional basis throughout the world.  It would also be interesting to attempt to replicate the Defreitas study.

At this stage, I don't think it would be prudent to let a retroviral cause for neuroimmune disease slip us by once again.  I am for without a doubt certain that we have the cause of these disorders within sight - and we would be foolish not to think so.  We have large libraries of retroviral genomes to screen from, making the identification of closely related viruses readily possible - just like we have HIV-1 and HIV-2.  Over the years, we've accumulated evidence of a virus, and ME/CFS sufferers must be given answers, so all leads must be pursued to the end.


  1. Hi Dr Tim,

    I'm reading your blog from New Zealand. Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom from your previous work in retrovirus research and personal knowledge of CFS - and the politics that surround it.
    I wonder if you can 'see' how XMRV could cause the terrible pain we get. Specifically, the burning nerve pain that goes up the spine and into the head. Do AIDS patients get this type of pain. No doctor has ever adequately explained the pain. If AIDS patients get this, does the pain subside with appropriate treatment? To me this whole illness 'feels' viral - always has. It also 'feels' like cells don't get oxygen. I remember vividly being laughed at by a specialist for saying this. ME suffer since my teens, 44 now and unable to work. Thnx, once again, Jill

  2. Dr. Mikovits me contestó:

    Proteínas "El virus no Puede Ser XMRV dados Porque Defreitas Claramente que en su patente Que no es un retrovirus tipo C, y se Gammaretrovirus 90-100nm (Ella es de 45-60), los retrovirus Gamma accesorios hijo retrovirus simples de modo que no lo son. .. ella Menciona una proteína accesoria en su patente. gamma último brote retrovirus extracelular de las membranas intracelulares .. no las cifras de nuestro estudio "

    También creo que una vez validados los estudios XMRV, Debemos seguir buscando la causalidad en otros patógenos, como la CAV DeFreitas Dr. demasiado.
    José de España

  3. This post makes me particularly happy. I have had some CFS like disease for 30 years. I have been rejoicing at the thought of taking an XMRV test, but then imagining the hell I would be relinquished to, if I were to test negative. The idea that researchers such as yourself will continue the search for other such infections and markers is good news. The XMRV discovery seems to have taken the "taint" off of such research.

  4. Dr. Mikovits he replied:

    Protein "The virus can not be given because Defreitas Clearly XMRV in his patent that is not a type C retrovirus, and 90-100nm Gammaretrovirus (She is 45-60), retroviruses retrovirus son Gamma accessories simple so that no are. .. she mentions one accessory protein in their patent. gamma retrovirus latest outbreak extracellular intracellular membranes .. no figures from our study "

    I also believe that once validated XMRV studies, we must continue to seek causality in other pathogens, such as Dr. DeFreitas CAV too.
    Jose from Spain

  5. Hi Dr Luckett,
    We are so appreciative of your expert digging into this XMRV "stuff"!

    Was it you who mentioned that if meds are found to be effective against XMRV, and ME/CFS patients improve, this represents a reverse type of validation that indeed science may be on the right track of causality?

    With that in mind, would you mind commenting on (www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/showthread.php?t=1354 ) about a new study on AZT just posted, which found some in vitro efficacy against XMRV?

    Also, given the lack of variability in XMRV genetically across different diseases, would it be fair to assume that if AZT might work in prostate cancer, that it might also work for ME/CFS?