Saturday, October 17, 2009

The relationship between HIV and AIDS, XMRV and CFS or FM

The million dollar question is - does XMRV cause Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Here's the spin - just like HIV patients, I theorize that many persons infected with XMRV can live symptom free for years. Many people report an initial onset of illness which causes symptoms reminiscent of a general viral infection like the flu - probably where the virus grows to very high levels, and then drops after the immune system begins to attack the virus, but later the virus damages the immune system where a competent immune response cannot be attained. If you look at the paper published by the Whitemore Peterson Institute in the Journal Science on Oct. 8th, 2009 - the initial findings are no surprise. Almost all CFIDS patients produced antibodies to XMRV - translation: XMRV beyond a reasonable doubt causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. XMRV could be detected in two-thirds of chronic fatigue sufferers - translation: Until a more sensitive assay is developed, the one-third where no virus was detected probably means that viral load was below the limit of detection. XMRV was found in 3.8% of healthy controls - translation: This probably means two things - a small percentage of false positives, and like having HIV doesn't mean you have AIDS, having XMRV does not mean you have chronic fatigue, although at some point in the future you will develop the disease.

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  1. Not everyone who contracts HTLV I and II get sick, do they?

    I'm trying to find scientific articles on XMRV/MLV disease/pathogenesis and/or treatment in animals since the 15 of the 16 articles on XMRV in humans only deal with prostate cancer.

    The problem is most MLV articles are on either lab contamination or some test tube study of MLV and mice or whatever(I'm still confused, I thought mice didn't get sick from MLV due to it being endogenous. If they don't get sick why is it called Murine Leukemia Virus?) and I'm too tired to read through tons and tons of articles for one or two nuggets. Where's all the articles on MLV disease in bears or whatever? Would articles on FeLV in cats be good substitute reading?